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International Tax and Investment Policy: Navigating Competing Demands, in: Mosquera Valderrama, Irma; Heitmüller, Frederik; Chaisse, Julien; Christians, Allison (eds.): Redefining Global Governance: A Tax, Trade and Investment Perspective in the EU and beyond. Berlin: Springer. (forthcoming)

Inclusive and Effective International Tax Cooperation: Views From the Global South, ICTD Working Paper 172, Brighton: Institute of Development Studies (2023), doi: 10.19088/ICTD.2023.046 (with Lucinda Cadzow, Martin Hearson, Frederik Heitmüller,
Okanga Okanga, and Tovony Tandriamanalina)

Decentralisation in times of crisis: asset or liability? The case of Germany and Italy during Covid-19, in: Swiss Political Science Review 28:1 (2022), doi: 10.1111/spsr.12482. (with Irene Morlino)

Germany, in: Millar, Katharine M.; Han, Yuna; Bayly, Martin; Kuhn, Katharina; Morlino, Irene: Confronting the COVID-19 Pandemic: Grief, Loss, and Social Order (2020), pp.44-54. (full report available here)

I enjoy non-academic writing and have contributed to a number of blogs, including E-IR, The London Globalist, and Unsaid.